Gerry Louisett – born in 1972 in Romania in a Hungarian family. He grew up in a gray, communist reality. At the age of 19 he emigrated to Germany without hisparents. His true goal was to reach the United States, which was for him a personification of freedom. However, love for a woman has held him in Germany. Since then he has been living in Mannheim, Heidelberg and Berlin.

After graduation, he has been working for 22 years as a graphic designer. In 2017, after a severe professional and personal crisis, when for him life lost its meaning, he started to paint. Painting every day was for him the only way to survive. His works have emerged from his extreme experiences, between heaven and hell.

It is not the style that dominates his works, but the motif; his paintings result from what is happening inside him. He says: „I’m not looking for the motives, but the motives are looking for me“. He also repeats: „The canvas is the window to my soul“. He often sees fragments of his life in a single picture, and sometimes he does not understand the context, but he thinks: „There must be a connection between me and the painting, otherwise it wouldn’t be there“. He paints digitally and in acrylic. His works can be seen on his Instagram account: gerry-louisett or in his studio in Mannheim.